Defence Wounds

Philip Bedwell (UK)

Sat 03 Nov 2018

Ipswich Art Gallery

21:00 (double bill) // 20 mins // £10 double bill with Lady Helena Vortex, part of the Ipswich Art Gallery Pass.

Photo by Philip Bedwell

Using lace, body, blood, coal and ashes, this performance seeks to reveal the fragile nature of self.

In this performance Philip seeks to show how we all find our identity and how he finds his place in masculine spaces. It questions how time changes us and how our perceptions of self change too.

Philip is a London based live artist with a background in martial arts, physical fitness and performed as a professional wrestler for 22 years across Europe. Towards the end of his wrestling career he transitioned into live art as he found some of the performance similarities intriguing, such as displaying the body in poses to draw emotion from an audience. Bedwell discovered that live art could lend an authenticity to his work which couldn’t surface through the theatricality of wrestling.

Part of the SPILL OPEN, supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation