Critical Distance

Reynir Hutber

Thu 01 Nov 2012
Fri 02 Nov 2012
Sat 03 Nov 2012

Ipswich Art School Gallery

Photo by Justin Green

Reynir Hutber’s projects explore and question recurrent concerns in the lineage of performance practice such as endurance, transcendence and complicity – in an era in which the authenticity of a visual document is increasingly hard to verify and appearances can be everything. As in certain works of Chris Burden and Marina Abramovic, Hutber seeks to pursue risk and to engage his audience in an ethical and aesthetic experiment. He stages open-ended scenarios whose implications are ultimately determined by the audience’s response and interaction.

In the past few years, Hutber has been engaged to develop and perform work across Europe. He was awarded the Catlin Art Prize in 2010 and recently took part in Fierce Festival 2012. For SPILL he will present new media installation, Critical Distance, a poetic exploration of absence that will hint at the imposition of barriers to both protect and contain: not only in art museums but also in other forms of institution.