Criteria For Failure

Tonya McMullan

Thu 01 Nov 2012

Ipswich Art School Gallery

Photo by Jürgen Fritz

For SPILL Festival I will explore ‘failure’: political, institutional and personal. Failure of institutions is commonly reported in the media, often the result of a catalogue of individual failures. Failure is everywhere all the time, hidden under the surface, it is only when failure is revealed that change can occur, yet in our society we generally try to hide any failure as awareness can affect trust and bring about weakness.                                               

In an attempt to expand the role of artist, audience, curator, host and performer Tonya McMullan uses her practice to promote participation, seeking to actively involve groups of artists and the public, encouraging the viewer and participant to consider the confines of our environment.

Using a broad range of media including video sculpture and performative practice the attempt is to offer the viewer a clue or comment to the themes of the everyday and the trials, tribulations and struggles we all go through in our desires to win and achieve.