Covet me, Care for me

Shelia Ghelani

Sun 08 Apr 2007
Mon 09 Apr 2007


A SPILL Commission (World Premiere)
Sheila Ghelani (UK)

Will you wear me? Will you care for me? Will you covet me? Will you love me? Will you let me be part of this history of yours, this so called history of yours, this history you own, the history of the world?

Sick to death of being placed ‘outside’, ‘Covet me, care for me’ is an attempt to produce and stage a series of covetable ‘mongrel’ objects, with the intention that they will be wanted, taken home and looked after by the viewer…objects to be talked about, placed in pride of place and above all else desired. The work is about dissemination, about rejoicing in cross fertilization and encouraging the viewer to consider that often it is only after ‘a drop of this and a pinch of that’ is mixed together that what they might care for is able to emerge.

Sheila Ghelani originally trained in contemporary dance, and worked as a choreographer, dancer and teacher for several years before making the crossover into Live Art/Performance. She also works collaboratively and is a longstanding member of Pacitti Company and a Blast Theory Associate artist. She has toured and performed nationally and internationally for both companies and regularly lead artists’ workshops for Pacitti Company in the UK and abroad. She also teaches in Academic contexts.