Collected Works

Eve Dent

Sun 08 Apr 2007
Mon 09 Apr 2007


'Staircase' Photo: Ming de Nasty

Influenced by ideas of embodiment in relation to environment Dent uses live performance and photography to create body installations that arise out of interactions with architectural structures and spaces – installations exploring the threshold between bodily self and material thing.

She creates images in which all or part of her body is fitted into the very fabric of a room or environment, usually presented live as performed installations but also existing as photographic works. Often her body is almost completely hidden within the recesses or constructed spaces found within a building: the space under the floor or the flue of a chimney with only part of the body visible. Or she is squeezed into holes or gaps in the material structure – her physical contours against those of the architecture.

Her most recent work in this vein has been the ‘anchor series’, an ongoing body of site-specific improvised works, which began in 2003. Philosophically, this work is based around the idea of the body as a medium through which the hidden poetic life of a site or building, particularly those that may be unseen or overlooked, is expressed.

For her SPILL presentation, Dent will present a gallery of collected works: older images will sit alongside her most recent explorations and works in progress. This most recent work seems to herald a move towards placing the body or bodies within a larger landscape and a movement from solo work to work with others. In her own words, ” conceptually it feels there is a subtle yet dramatic shift, a shift from merging towards emerging.”