Elisa Fontana & Carla Esperanza Tommasini

Thu 01 Jan 1970

Barbican Public Spaces

Elisa Fontana and Carla Esperanza Tommasini invite you to Brainstorm, a pre and post-show decompression space for the audience where opinions and reflections on SPILL will be collected to try to bridge the gap that separates an artwork from its public. Brainstorming doesn’t carry out surveys or write reviews, but proposes alternative ways to address critical thinking on live performance, operating through installations and interviews to the audience and the artists presenting their work in the festival.

Brainstorming is a participatory project for audience members, as well as an experiment for new formats for interpretation and reflection on the performances within SPILL.


Elisa Fontana works in a wide range of artistic disciplines, inventing formats that cross genres and approaches, from theoretical reflection to performative practice, from installation to games. With the project Wunderkammer_Camera delle Meraviglie she explores relational art in its interactive and performative dimensions; with Wunderchildren_Contemporary art for young people she creates art educational projects and with Brainstorming_Camera di Decompressione per Spettatori she deals with theoretical reflection around contemporary performance. She has taken part in the major performing arts festivals in Italy with site-specific projects (F.I.S.Co., Es.Terni, F.I.E.S.).

Carla Esperanza Tommasini’s work combines a variety of experiences and past collaborations, ranging from experimental theatre, performance and live art, her practice develops around the exploration of human passions, researching notions of identity, desire and identification. She is interested in performance as a place for symbolic actions and shared rituals, considering the body as a site for artistic creation.