AOB Item 1

Sara Davies

Sat 03 Nov 2012


Photo by Sara Davies

In AOB Item 1 we see a woman on the edge look over the edge, take a deep breath and jump. Exploring the notions of loss, fear, triumph and identity this sculptural performance requires that the audience become custodians of those fragile commodities, so that this moment is never forgotten.

Sara Davies is an artist, mother and feminist (although not always in that order). She is concerned with the fragmentation and eventual transformation of self, specifically (although not exclusively) through her experiences of postnatal depression and motherhood. Informed by her background in live and fine art, as well as traditional theatre, Sara’s practice seeks to explode the myths surrounding “The Most Important Job in the World” through a series of durational images that are disconnected from each other and yet intrinsically linked. The first of these images, AOB Item 1 is a compelling performance that is still evolving; shown to the public for the first time as part of the SPILL National Platform.