Alone Alone Together We Stand Alone

Adam Young

Fri 02 Nov 2012
Sat 03 Nov 2012


Photo by Adam Young

We rise and fall as all great empires do; slowly and painfully. Throughout history men have built walls to keep others out and worst still to lock others in. As the slow but observable shift of global power unfolds Adam Young asks us to consider our futures.

A wall will be built, creating a windowless cage. Adam; living in the protest of occupation, will be unseen/unheard. Confronted with a wall; you are invited to share your thoughts, to tell of your fears, perhaps sing a song. You will be given the opportunity to take action; to open the cage. In such times of uncertainty it may often feel as though the walls are forever closing in. The question is, which side of the wall are we on?

Adam Young is cofounder of Indivisible and Artistic Director of (in)Xclusion Festival of Live Art. Adam rarely performs a work more than once. His practice focuses on social engagement, efficacy of ritual and “the life in art and the art in life”.