All Erasable

Nic Chalmers

Sat 23 Apr 2011
Sun 24 Apr 2011

National Theatre Studio

Tom Morgan

Marking the second work in a series of audiovisual experiments, All Erasable is a dislocated mystery-making machine: live music, recorded soundscapes, slide-projectors and film fragments punctuate an electrifying journey into the performative act of erasure. Taking the swimming pool as the site of disappearance, two women conjure strobe-like flashes of impossible geographies and strange happenings. With new writing by Chalmers, this deviant and elliptical text questions the point at which speaking becomes inescapably musical, seeking out a sound for speechlessness.

Nic Chalmers is a performance artist interested in unpicking and resizing our relationship to the visual world. In trying to evoke a sense of always becoming, never become, she seeks to dislodge and displace narrative landscapes, unfolding and simultaneously assembling all the angles, shadows, happenings, melodies and symmetries within a work, attempting to architect a kind of ‘welcoming’ space: the point at which writing is always arriving, never fixed.

Photo credit: Tom Morgan