Aftermaths: A Tear in the Meat of Vision

Julia Bardsley

Mon 13 Apr 2009
Tue 14 Apr 2009
Fri 17 Apr 2009
Sat 18 Apr 2009

LABAN Theatre

Following her incredible work shown as part of SPILL 2007, SPILL has commissioned Julia Bardsley’s return: a trio of interconnected acts that explore notions of transgression, transformation and transcendence.

From the dazzling heights of the apocalyptic catwalk, from amongst the glorious atrocity of merchandise, from the sumptuousness of the furniture of dis-ease, from within the abandoned mourning mass – the spectacular fe/male host/ess emerges, preaching The Doctrine of Last Things.

Witness a display of secreting surfaces, wounded landscapes, curtains of skin and hair, mutating bodies, fragments of meat, murder and money.

A bacchanalian reading of Revelations, played out in a dark arena for ritual and rapture, AFTERMATHS licks the pulse of the congregations flesh and glories in the catastrophe of End Time.

As audience members you are requested to wear black and become part of this congregation of carnivalesque mourning.

You are invited to bring a small black object (no bigger than 4cm) with which you are willing to part.

Let the happy endings commence!

AFTERMATHS is the final part of The Divine Trilogy, a promenade performance exploring notions of prophecy, excess, capitalism and ecstasy.


Created & performed by Julia Bardsley with sound score & live mix by Andrew Poppy.
Commissioning partners for Aftermaths are SPILL 09, Les Halles de Schaerbeek / Festival Trouble and La Bellone, New Moves International.  Co-commissioned by SPILL & NRLA

Strobe lighting will be used in the performance.