A Volcano Perpetually Erases its own history – Work in Development

Touch And Meet

Sat 03 Nov 2012

High Street Exhibitional Gallery

Photo by Delia Spatareanu

A pilot is grounded in Iceland during the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull. Whilst thousands take unplanned extra holidays he searches for a release akin to ash clouds and geologic activity. Tension rises and falls, a bad comedian attempts to break the ice, balloons are popped and karaoke is sung. And at the end of it all, do we feel anything more than empty?

A volcano perpetually erases its own history is a work in development, a pseudo-scientific exploration of eruption: the build-up and release of tension and the relationship between humans and rocks. 

Touch and Meet is an ongoing collaboration between Rachael Clerke and Josephine Joy. They make challenging yet accessible devised theatre and performance that responds to the world around them. Interested in the space between laughing and crying; awkward pauses and absurdity, they enjoy making people laugh and think. Silly dancing and human interactions. They are interested in exhausting one subject rather than touching on thousands.

Touch and Meet’s work has been described as ‘both heavy and light, like a sack of bricks and feathers.’