A Sense of the World

Darren White

Sat 23 Apr 2011
Sun 24 Apr 2011

National Theatre Studio

Tamsin Drury

Inspired by “The Blind Traveler” (James Holman) and his ‘observations’, A Sense of the World investigates an understanding between artist and explorer as kindred spirits; focusing on travel, endurance, duration, distance, and discovery. Holman suggests that his very circumstance affords a heightened sense of curiosity, and thus makes for a more searching examination of details than that of a traveller who might be satisfied superficially, and rest content with the first impressions conveyed through the eye. Deprived of sight we are less likely to adopt hasty and incorrect conclusions.

“He had eyes in his mouth, eyes in his nose, eyes in his ears, and eyes in his mind” – William Jerdan

Darren White considers himself an explorer that utilises performance art as a means to document and preserve his discoveries and naiveties. Through A Sense of the World he will taste his vision on a surreal and sensory journey of discovery; discovering and enduring the existential and physical struggle of both artist and explorer. Focused on exploration, White’s work is zipped together with fabrics of different historical moments and existential thought related to travel.

Photo credit: Tamsin Drury