A Cure For Ageing

Ira Brand

Sat 03 Nov 2012


Photo by Neil Baird

A Cure for Ageing is a piece about being young and foolish, and becoming old and wise. Or it is a piece about being young and wise, and becoming old and foolish. Or vice versa. It asks how we can talk more honestly and openly about ageing, and how this can prepare us better for the process. It is about the physical, mental, and emotional experience of getting older. About how much we are or are not defined by what age we are, about numbers, years, the passing of time, and the fact that we have all, already, started dying.

Ira Brand is a performance-maker and writer, working in theatre and live art. She is a solo artist and core member of contemporary performance groups Tinned Fingers and Antique Women. She regularly also works in collaboration with other companies and artists, which have included Made In China Theatre, Living Structures, Kings of England and Andy Field.