5 O’Clock with Uma

Various Artists

Mon 18 Apr 2011
Tue 19 Apr 2011
Wed 20 Apr 2011

Hammerson Room, Barbican

5 o’clock with Uma is a series of three conversations between Oreet Ashery and Uma Bunnag Blacker, who will turn sixteen this April. From an early age Uma travelled with her parents and witnessed many international and Spanish based performance festivals, including FEM, founded by her mother Denys.

Uma Bunnag Blacker‘s interests are music, dance and theatre. She has  studied contemporary dance and played the violin since she was 5 years old and currently plays in the youth orchestra, El Taller d’Orquestra. She has grown up in Spain and in Thailand. Her father is a writer and teaches T’ai Chi and her mother is an artist. Since a very early age she has travelled with her family extensively in Europe, Canada, Greenland and Asia and has been exposed to many different cultures and ways of living and working. In her travels and at home she has witnessed many performance festivals and visited art museums, galleries, concerts and other art events which have resulted in her growing interest and enthusiasm for the arts. This year, after secondary school, she wants to study Dramatic Arts at sixth form college.

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