What role can live performance play in starting conversations, or even building new communities? What might heritage mean? Is theatre still useful in our digital age? What about those artists that undertake radical experiments in their practices, that strive to take risks, and grapple with the really big stuff of our age? Can complicated questions be asked, or answered, in ways that are accessible? Our thoughts are that it’s more useful to share the discussion than merely tell you what we think.

This book of texts and creative exercises is for artists, students, researchers, archivists and policy makers. Welcome to the Think Tank Workbook.

To download a preview of the Workbook, containing the contents, and examples of the texts and exercises, click here.

Edited by Robert Pacitti, Lucy Walker & Deveril.

Containing contributions from:
Robert Pacitti, John Bowers, Lucy Walker, Deveril, Johanna Linsley, Simon Poulter, Reynir Hutber, Giovanna Maria Casetta, Katy Baird, Lucy Hutson, jamie lewis hadley, Martin O’Brien, Lauren Barri Holstein, Brendan Keaney, Luke Pell, Jo Bannon, Diana Taylor, Season Butler, Julia Bardsley, and Mehmet Sander.

Publication details:
152pp (including cover), ring-bound (with half-Canadian cover), 140pp B&W, 12pp full colour (including cover), 17pp images, B5