SPILL Publication: On Agency


A major new book of writing, thinking and conversation on the SPILL Festival of Performance.

This book brings together a range of people who have been involved in SPILL across the past few years: all of the artists within the festival to date; Kira O’Reilly in her capacity as SPILL Thinker-in-Residence 2009; a series of chapters written by members of SPILL: Overspill; and Manuel Vason discussing the SPILL Tarot. Artists discussed in the publication include: Jan Fabre, Romeo Castellucci, Needcompany, Julia Bardsley, Forced Entertainment, Ron Athey & Lee Adams’: Visions of Excess, Gob Squad and Victoria, to name but a few. Also includes information and images of events from both the SPILL 2007 & 2009 festivals.

Pacitti Company, 2010, 112 pages, paperback, 64 full colour and 63 black and white photographs throughout, 18.5cm x 23.5cm. Edited by Robert Pacitti and Sheila Ghelani. Published by Pacitti Company.