Which events are you looking forward to and why?

As a theatre lover, I can’t wait for Complete Works. It’s so exciting to see how Forced Entertainments will reimagine the Shakespeare plays we think we know so well, in a fun and unique new form. I also can’t wait for Le Gateau Chocolat’s Icons, which smashed Edinburgh this year and is set to be even bigger and better here at SPILL! Pyre Parade will also be a fantastic opportunity for performativity – and through the streets of my hometown! It will be a glorious event for anyone and everyone to get involved in.

Where are you favourite spots to grab a bite or a swift pint (or two)?

We have incredible Middle Eastern food in Ipswich, so I would really recommend Alaturka restaurant on Gt Colman Street and Ararat restaurant on Norwich Road. While you’re on Norwich Road, you could always head to the Portuguese Café (Bicafe o Portugues) for a cuppa and a delicious custard tart. I love pubs close to the Pacitti Company office – the Greyhound on Henley Road and the Arbor House on High Street. They also both do amazing food – the nachos at The Greyhound are a must!

If it’s someone’s first time at SPILL, what do you recommend they see or do?

If you’re driven by food and drink like me, I’d use SPILL as a great excuse to get a taste of Ipswich. In the morning, get breakfast at Applaud Café before winding your way up to Ipswich Art Gallery for the artwork there. In the afternoon, head to SPILL Central for a cuppa and some great food and listen to the lunchtime talks. Grab a glass of something on the waterfront in time for Clarion Call at sunset, then wander over to Briarbank for a taste of our specially brewed festival beer – Zombie. Then make your way back to SPILL Central for one of our great evening entertainments – there’s a pretty nice bar there too!

Any other festival top tips?

Give anything and everything a go! The festival is so broad, there’s something for everyone!