Snapped Ankles

Snapped Ankles are London’s art-wave oddities, a group who lead lives full of creative experimentation. Their performances are a phantasmagorical spectacle; the Snaps often appear draped from head to toe in unruly shamanistic dress, a visual emblem to their otherworldly presence.

With a core set of rock solid rhythm tunes infused with raw guitar and synth post punk, their songs often draw upon obscure references such as Kathy Bates’ character Annie Wilkes from the 1990 American Thriller ‘Misery’ and the 19th Century naive-art construction Palais Ideal by Ferdinand Cheval. At some performances the band surround their audience whilst playing their percussive “Synth Logs” to create a minimal homemade techno that has best been described as “agricultural Kraftwerk”.